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You can’t say he didn’t warn us.

Colts coach Jim Caldwell called a bad timeout during the regular season, resulting in a Colts loss. Doing it again in the playoffs is inexuseable.

Earlier this season, Colts head coach Jim Caldwell aided the Jaguars to victory when he called a timeout with 36 seconds remaining in a tie game.

The Jaguars had the ball in their own territory and appeared content to let the clock wind down and send the game into overtime. But after Caldwell’s bizarre timeout they readjusted their strategy, drove down the field, and won on a Josh Scobee field goal as time expired.

More puzzling than his timeout was his reaction to it after the game – he said he’d do the same thing again.

Most assumed he was just being stubborn – a head coach not wanting to fess up to a mistake.

Most assumed wrong.

Caldwell made an even bigger timeout blunder during Saturday’s playoff game against the Jets.

Trailing 16-14 with the clock running down inside 30 seconds, the Jets faced a second-and-8 at the Colts’ 32-yard line. With 29 seconds remaining, Caldwell inexplicably used a timeout.

With one timeout still in their pocket (thanks Jim) and the clock now stopped, many more options opened up for the Jets.

Given the new scenario the Jets regrouped on the sideline and decided to take a shot downfield. If it didn’t work there would still be plenty of time left (thanks Jim) and with a timeout remaining, they could just run on third down and try to set up a shorter field goal instead.

The Jets’ strategy paid off.

On second down Mark Sanchez connected with Braylon Edwards along the sideline for an 18-yard completion, setting up a much shorter 32-yard field goal attempt for Nick Folk, who had struggled with long field goals all season long.

Folk nailed it.

Jets win 17-16.

Caldwell’s explanation?

“We wanted to try to make them snap the ball as many times as they possibly could,” he said.


Folk had hit fewer than 50 percent of his attempts from outside 40 yards during the regular season. More snaps likely means moving in closer, particularly the way the Colts’ run defense was performing in the second half. Praying for a turnover or sack in that situation rather than forcing a long field goal makes zero sense.

If you are a Colts fan, the terrifying thing about the situation is Caldwell will do it again. He was asked Sunday if he if he regretted calling the timeout.

“No,” he replied.

One of two things needs to happen for the Colts prior to the 2011 season.

1: Bill Polian needs to sit down with Caldwell and have a long talk about how to use timeouts.

2: Bill Polian needs to find a new head coach.

Take your pick.