For fans of the 30 teams that didn’t make the Super Bowl, the week leading up to the big event is dreadfully boring.

Brett Favre and Randy Moss' Titans were each robbed of postseason awards.

The same storylines are exhausted day after day, show after show.

This year Ben Roethlisberger’s redemption is the biggest story. But is it really redemption, or is he simply avoiding trouble … bravo Ben?

Comparing the hair of Green Bay’s Clay Matthews and Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu is another popular topic. Riveting.

Here are a couple other “breaking events” that have been covered in depth this week:

Aaron Rodgers was asked if he’d talked to Brett Favre about the Super Bowl. His answer was “no.” Roethlisberger took his offensive line to a piano bar and he sang … how dare he?

Then of course we have the predictable slew of awards given out the week before the Super Bowl – offensive and defensive player of the year; coach of the year; offensive and defensive rookies of the year; MVP; etc.

Let’s be honest, we know who’s getting most of these awards by Week 10.

To spice things up the NFL should hand out a series of impromptu awards during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

I suggest the following:

Worst Swan Song Award

Winner: Brett Favre

Could you have written a more disastrous ending to a career? Favre was horrendous. He finished with 11 TDs, 24 turnovers, and a 69.9 passer rating. The Vikings were supposed to be a Super Bowl contender and went 6-10. Favre was particularly awful in a pair of losses to the Packers – he threw one touchdown, four interceptions, and completed less than 50 percent of his passes. His streak of consecutive starts was broken. He was accused of sending dirty text messages to a female employee during his time with the Jets. In addition, he recently said Dom Capers and the Packers defense get the MVP award for the Packers – not Aaron Rodgers – just to further illustrate the level of his bitterness.

The Worst Tweet Excuse Award

Winner: Terrell Owens

Shortly after the Redskins benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman, they signed him to a five-year, $70 million contract extension. Terrell Owens didn’t agree with the decision. He tweeted: “How do u justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?” Later, Owens said it was his brother who posted the message on his account: “LOL!! I c my brother got all yall riled up w/his question about McNabb’s contract! He’s entitled 2 his opinion!” Owens later dropped the lame “my brother did it” excuse and owned up to the tweet.

Biggest Midseason Meltdown Award

Winner: Tennessee Titans

After a 5-2 start in which they thumped the Eagles and Giants, the Titans’ season turned into a dumpster fire. The breaking point was Week 11. Vince Young hurt his thumb in the third quarter against the Redskins and Jeff Fisher wouldn’t let him back in. The Titans lost in overtime, Young tossed his gear into the stands, stormed out of the locker room, and was later put on IR and told to stay away from the facility. The Titans picked up Randy Moss for the second half of the season to spark the offense and he finished with six catches. They lost eight of their final nine games and finished 6-10. Following the season the team said Young wouldn’t return and fired Fisher, leaving them with a pile of ashes.