In my estimation a quarter of the NFL’s teams have already been eliminated from the playoff hunt. Four more may join them after Week 12 as things will start to clear up considerably. Here’s how things are looking so far:


East leader– N.Y. Jets, 8-2 (1 seed)

Once the NFL darlings of the 2010 season, the Texans have fallen off the map. If they lose to the Titans Sunday any playoff hopes for them are gone.

North leader– Baltimore Ravens, 7-3 (2 seed)

South leader– Jacksonville Jaguars, 6-4 (4 seed)

West leader– Kansas City Chiefs, 6-4 (3 seed)

Wildcard 1– New England Patriots, 8-2 (5 seed, East tiebreak loser)

Wildcard 2– Pittsburgh Steelers, 7-3 (6 seed, North tiebreak loser)

South tiebreak loser– Indianapolis Colts (6-4)

1 game back in West– San Diego Chargers (5-5), Oakland Raiders (5-5)

1-game back in South– Tennessee Titans (5-5)

Key Week 12 games– Titans at Texans (4-6), Dolphins (5-5) at Raiders, Chargers at Colts

Thoughts– The South and West will come down to the wire – only the Broncos (3-7) are out out of the picture among those eight teams. The Dolphins and Texans face must-win conference battles, while the Chargers and Colts always put on a good show.


East leader– Philadelphia Eagles, 7-3 (2 seed)

South leader– Atlanta Falcons, 8-2 (1 seed)

How bad is the NFC West? A game between the 49ers and Cardinals (both 3-7) could have serious playoff implications.

North leader– Chicago Bears, 7-3 (3 seed)

West leader– Seattle Seahawks, 5-5 (4 seed)

Wildcard 1– New Orleans Saints, 7-3 (5 seed)

Wildcard 2– Green Bay Packers, 7-3 (6 seed)

Wildcard tiebreak loser/1 game back in South– Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-3)

1 game back in Wildcard and East– N.Y. Giants (6-4)

1 game back in West– St. Louis Rams (4-6)

Key Week 12 games- Packers at Falcons, Eagles at Bears

Thoughts- The Buccaneers keep taking care of business and have a schedule that will keep them in the playoff picture should anyone ahead of them slip up. The West is probably the worst division in the history of the NFL and could have a 7-9 victor.