Heading into Week 11 the NFC playoff picture is beginning to clear up, while the AFC is as muddled as ever. Here’s how it looks as teams prepare for their 10th game of the season.


Say what you want about Mark Sanchez, he's been getting it done down the stretch for the Jets of late.

East leader– N.Y. Jets, 7-2 (1 seed)

North leader– Baltimore Ravens, 6-3 (2 seed)

South leader– Indianapolis Colts, 6-3 (3 seed)

West leader– Oakland Raiders, 5-4 (4 seed)

Wildcard 1– New England Patriots, 7-2 (5 seed)

Wildcard 2– Pittsburgh Steelers, 6-3 (6 seed)

1 game back of Wildcard (5-4)– Kansas City Chiefs (tiebreak losers in division), Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars

1 game back in AFC West (4-5)– San Diego Chargers

Key Week 11 games– Oakland at Pittsburgh, Indianapolis at New England

Thoughts– As expected the AFC West race has tightened up. Even the Broncos (3-6) are only two games out of the lead and of course the Chargers are gaining ground. Somehow the Colts have emerged atop the AFC South, though that could change quickly with a trip to Foxboro.


The Falcons are starting to get some love, but are still largely flying under the radar with the NFC's best record.

East leader– Philadelphia Eagles, 6-3 (2 seed)

North leader– Chicago Bears, 6-3 (3 seed)

South leader– Atlanta Falcons, 7-2 (1 seed)

West leader– Seattle Seahawks, 5-4 (4 seed)

Wildcard 1– N.Y. Giants, 6-3 (1 seed)

Wildcard 2– New Orleans Saints, 6-3 (2 seed)

Wildcard tiebreak losers (6-3)– Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1 game back in NFC West (4-5)– St. Louis Rams

Key Week 11 games- Seattle at New Orleans, N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia

Thoughts- Aside from the NFC West, where everyone is alive, the teams with a shot of a playoff spot are narrowing. It’s basically an 8-team race for 5 spots (excluding the NFC West berth). The Packers, Bears, Bucccaneers, and Falcons each have a key road test this week which will help sort things out.