Colts fans might be the most spoiled in the NFL – two Super Bowl appearances in four seasons, seven-straight playoff berths … I could go on.

Think things look bleak in Indianapolis? The Bengals coming to town should cheer you up.

Those outside of Indiana feel little sympathy for the whining and belly-aching coming from Colts fans regarding the team’s current injury rash.

Don’t get me wrong, the injuries have spiraled out of control for this team, to the point that I’m starting to believe in the “Super Bowl Curse.”

Dallas Clark, Melvin Bullett, and Anthony Gonzalez are all on the IR. Bob Sanders hasn’t played since Week 1. Joseph Addai, Mike Hart, Austin Collie, and Clint Session can’t stay on the field. The top three cornerbacks haven’t been healthy at the same time since Week 3.

You get the point.

One fan base that has no pity for the Colts is that of the Cincinnati Bengals, who come to town on Sunday.

Prior to last season the Bengals had one winning season in their previous 18 (that’s the truth, I double checked).

So it’s understandable that after a 10-6 season and playoff appearance in 2009 hopes were high coming into this season. And, after a 2-1 start, things were looking pretty good in Cincinnati.

But over the last six weeks the wheels have come off for the Bengals and there’s no repair in sight. They have lost five straight games and these weren’t Cowboys-eske, throw in the towel defeats, they are more gut-wrenching than that. All five losses have come by one score, three of them by a field goal.

It will be interesting to see how the Bengals respond. We saw an on-field temper tantrum from Chad Ochocinco during Monday’s loss to the Steelers. After the game he complained about his lack of production.

It's hard to say if Chad Ochocinco is even an asset for the Bengals anymore.

Later in the week, he reportedly called his team the “laughingstocks” of the league on the T.Ocho Show, a reality show featuring Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. Hmm, I wonder if this show could be part of the problem.

A playoff berth is virtually unattainable for Cincinnati. At 2-6 they’d have to win their last eight and probably get some help.

If the Colts jump out to a quick lead Sunday behind a boisterous home crowd, what will the Bengals do – throw in the towel or continue to fight?

Whatever happens on the field, here’s my tip of the week: Colts fans should keep the injury whining to a minimum around Bengals fans this Sunday – trust me, they don’t want to hear it.