I decided to make this a weekly post, for my own knowledge if nothing else. I’m a playoff picture junkie and this season I’ll have to keep an eye on it even closer as the Colts will likely have to claw for a spot.


So far the Jets are what Rex Ryan said they are - really good. If they run over the Packers Sunday the rest of the AFC should take note.

East leader – New York Jets, 5-1 (1 seed)

North leader – Pittsburgh Steelers, 5-1 (2 seed)

South leader – Tennessee Titans, 5-2 (3 seed)

West leader – Kansas City Chiefs, 4-2 (4 seed)

Wildcard 1– New England Patriots, 5-1 (5 seed)

Wildcard 2– Baltimore Ravens, 5-2 (6 seed)

Half-game back- Houston Texans (4-2), Indianapolis Colts (4-2)

Key Week 8 games- Texans at Colts, Packers at Jets, Steelers at Saints

Biggest surprises- Still not many in the AFC. The Chargers sitting at 2-5, while the Chiefs and Raiders (3-4) battle for first is a big one.


I believe Jon Gruden said prior to the season the NFL's best two teams are in New York. Maybe he was right. Then again, he said about a dozen teams were the league's best.

East leader– New York Giants, 5-2 (1 seed)

North leader– Chicago Bears, 4-3 (4 seed)

South leader– Atlanta Falcons, 5-2 (2 seed)

West leader– Seattle Seahawks, 4-2 (3 seed)

Wildcard 1– Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-2 (4 seed)

Wildcard 2– Washington Redskins, 4-3 (5 seed)

Tiebreaker losers- New Orleans Saints (4-3), Green Bay Packers (4-3), Philadelphia Eagles (4-3)

Half-game back– Arizona Cardinals (3-3)

Key Week 8 games– Bucs at Cardinals, Packers at Jets, Steelers at Saints

Biggest surprises– They’ve beaten bad teams and needed a couple miracles to do it, but the Bucs have to be the biggest surprise at this point. With their schedule (Cardinals, Panthers, 49ers are 3 of next 4) they will be staying in the picture.