Peyton Manning never got a shot at a game-winning drive at Jacksonville Sunday.

Jim Caldwell hasn't made many big mistakes during his brief NFL coaching career. He made a huge one Sunday.

Surprisingly it was his own coach, Jim Caldwell, who made sure it didn’t happen.

After Manning tied the game with a touchdown pass to Austin Collie with 48 seconds left, Jacksonville was content to send the game into overtime.

When the Jaguars got the ball back, they ran a draw on first down that gained eight yards and got them to their own 31-yard line.

With only one timeout and the clock winding down toward 30 seconds, it was obvious the Jaguars weren’t in hurry-up mode – a typical boneheaded Jack Del Rio decision.

But Caldwell bailed him out by inexplicably calling a timeout.

He apparently hoped the Colts would prevent the Jaguars from gaining two yards on two plays. His team would then get the ball back and his offense would get a chance to win in regulation.

Not good odds on that happening coach, particularly the way your defense played all afternoon.

Not surprisingly, his strategy backfired.

After the timeout Jacksonville changed its strategy, sped things up, hit on a couple of pass plays, and Josh Scobee nailed a 59-yard field goal to win as time expired (he loves to do this to the Colts).

If Caldwell let the game go into overtime he’d have essentially given his team a 50/50 chance at victory. Both defenses were struggling and whoever won the coin toss probably would have marched down the field for a score.

It was the worst decision of Caldwell’s brief NFL head coaching career and as a result the Colts are 0-2 in the AFC South.

Oh well, you live and you learn right?

Not if you’re Caldwell apparently.

He reportedly said if given another chance he’d do the same thing. For Colts’ fans, that is not what you want to hear. Maybe he’ll feel differently after sleeping on it and watching some tape.

Here’s my advice for Caldwell: If you wanted to make a gutsy move at the end of the game, why not go for a two-point conversion after the Collie touchdown?

Aside from turnovers, the Jaguars couldn’t stop Manning and the offense, you are on the road, and if you go to overtime and lose the toss No. 18 likely never touches the ball again.

Winning the AFC South has suddenly become an uphill battle for the Colts and with any more decisions like the one Caldwell made on Sunday, the climb will get even steeper.