Jack Del Rio’s job is about as secure as a BP oil rig.

Things have gone south in a hurry for Jack Del Rio and the Jaguars. If the Colts lay the wood on them tomorrow, his job is in serious jeopardy.

The Jaguars have won one playoff game during his seven-year tenure and since 2008 they have a 13-22 record.

After a season-opening victory over Denver the Jaguars have lost their last two contests by a combined score of 66-16.

With the Colts coming to town, Del Rio probably isn’t getting any sleep. If the Jaguars get embarrassed Sunday, it may mark the end for him.

The Colts have long been a thorn in the side of Del Rio and the Jaguars – since 2005 they’ve won just two contests over Indianapolis.

Last year the Colts put a dagger in the Jaguars’ season.

With a chance to improve to 8-6 and hand the Colts their first loss, Jacksonville led 31-28 late in the fourth quarter.

Guess what happened next?

Peyton Manning threw a 65-yard strike to Reggie Wayne giving the Colts a 35-31 lead with 5:33 left in the game.

A David Garrard interception thwarted the Jaguars’ comeback attempt.

After the gut-wrenching loss on their home turf, the Jaguars got waxed by the Patriots and dropped their finale to the Brown, to add insult to injury, finishing their season 7-9.

There’s only one way the Jaguars can beat the Colts Sunday – relentlessly run the ball down their throat.

That’s something the Jaguars haven’t done consistently over the years. When they have, however, the results speak for themselves.

In their two victories over the Colts since 2005 the Jaguars averaged 45 rushes for 305.5 yards and just 18 pass attempts.

The Jaguars have always battled toe-for-toe with the Colts when they stick to their running game. It'd be hard to imagine that's not the plan for Sunday.

Note to Del Rio: If you fall behind 7-0 don’t panic, keep running. If you fall behind 10-0 don’t panic, keep running. If you … alright you get the point.

If the Jaguars need any additional motivation to stick to the running game look no farther than Garrard. Over the past two weeks he’s thrown five interceptions, has been sacked nine times, and has completed just 53 percent of his passes.

The last five games between the Colts and Jaguars have been decided by a combined 18 points. If the team has any pride and respect for Del Rio, I’d expect another tight game on Sunday. But if the Colts march into Jacksonville and lay down a beating, well, happy trails coach Del Rio.