For the few people who keep up with my blog you know I like to make predictions. You also know I’m not very good at doing so.

By Week 10 these two won't be laughing anymore. The Redskins will be out of the playoff hunt, Donovan McNabb will be battling injuries each week and skipping balls to old receivers.

Last year I made a few last-minute NFL predictions and as expected, I was wrong on the majority of them.

But as usual being wrong won’t deter me. For your entertainment, I’ll provide you with a few more predictions as we await the 2010 season.

1.) The Redskins won’t be much better

A good coach and a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback can’t save this operation.

At their skill positions the Redskins make Brett Favre look young. Donovan McNabb, Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, Joey Galloway, Santana Moss, and Chris Cooley … are you kidding me?

Unless I’ve had a prolonged dream and it’s really only 2004 the Redskins are going 6-10.

2.) Enough with the Bengals

I’m so sick of hearing about Terrell Owens. He is running on fumes. Rookies Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley will have a bigger role in sparking the passing game than Owens.

Overall this team overachieved last season. The defense won’t be as good and the schedule won’t be as bad. The Bengals will go 8-8 and miss the playoffs.

3.) All trends end in the NFC South

People love to point to the nifty fact that the last-place NFC South team has won the division the next season six out of seven times. The one year that didn’t happen the last-place team still made the playoffs (’08 Falcons).

That streak is officially over. The Bucs will not win the NFC South.

Additionally no NFC South team has ever made the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. That streak is also over. The Saints will make the playoffs.

In fact, the NFC South will finish out the exact way it did in 2009 – Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Bucs … in that order.

4.) The Chargers couldn’t lose their division if they tried

As long as this man is calling the shots in Oakland I refuse to buy into the Raiders ever again.

San Diego lost LT and has its best wide receiver holding out. Yet, I have never been so confident in crowning a team division champion in early-August.

I’ve jumped on the “Raiders will be better this year” bandwagon before, it’s a rocky ride. Maybe they will, but it won’t matter. The Broncos, Raiders, and Chiefs will be lucky to combine for 20 wins and the Chargers will win the AFC West by at least three games.

5.) Brett Favre’s streak is over

Alright, this was at the top of my list last year. I strategically moved it down because the guy will probably prove me wrong again.

But c’mon … 285 straight starts, 41-years-old in October, a shaky ankle, no training camp and hardly any preseason to get ready. Can this guy really do it again? There’s just no way.