A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the annual summer of Favre kicking off. Well hold on to your seats folks because it’s going to be a wild ride.

And right on cue ... here we go again.

Brett Favre waited until the slowest possible time in sports to throw a little cat nip at the media. And boy did they bite.

Go ahead, go to google news and search Brett Favre. I dare you.

Imagine the media storm outside of the Favre compound after the news leaked this morning.

Right now I’d imagine Rachel Nichols is camped out in a tree, Mike Florio is hiding in one of Favre’s truck beds, and John Clayton is posing as a garden gnome in close proximity to Favre’s tool shed.

I have yet to turn on the television or radio – I can’t even imagine. The ESPN ticker will be flashing this as “breaking news” for two days. Then we can watch four back-to-back shows with the same premise and opinions dissecting the recent developments.

I fully expect Favre will play this season. For him, simply returning to the Vikings is too boring. He needs to make a spectacle of it.

Now he’ll be the talk of the sports media 24/7 for a week or so, Brad Childress will make 15 trips to Mississippi to beg, he can kick back and watch a couple of highlight reels honoring his career, and with one or two training camp sessions remaining he’ll change his mind and come to the rescue.

For me there’s only one question: Will there be another retirement press conference? I really, really hope so – that’s the best part.