I'm not interested in making fun of or piling on soccer, but things are sure off to a slow start in this year's World Cup.

I am no soccer expert – far from it.

Like many in the U.S., I pay little to no attention to the sport until the World Cup comes around.

With my work schedule keeping me home during the days, I’ve had an opportunity to pay close attention to the opening week of the World Cup.

I’m not impressed.

I’ve heard numerous excuses for the lack of action early on – nerves, conservative play, and a new ball are among them (which ironically is supposed to promote scoring).

And yes it’s early in the tournament, but man, it’s been a snoozefest.

I understand scoring is at a premium in soccer more than any other sport, and that’s fine, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Of the 14 matches so far, 6 have ended in ties. Four of those ended 1-1 and the other 2 were 0-0. Another 4 matches resulted in a 1-0 outcome. There have been just 2 games where more than 2 goals were scored. Even for a defensive-minded futbol fan, that’s lame.

Granted, sometimes a scoreless tie or a 1-0 outcome can be exciting with numerous near-misses and saves. But for the most part, that hasn’t been the case.

Incredibly, 9-of-14 matches have featured six shots on goal or less. In 2 games there were just 3 shots on goal – Serbia vs. Ghana and Portugal vs. Ivory Coast. Think about that … 3 shots on goal in 90+ minutes of play.

Everyone keeps saying things will pick up and I hope they’re right. I’d welcome some entertainment over these next few weeks.