It’s impossible to deny that this is a perfect NBA Finals matchup.

Can't think of a single reason I'd like to see any one of these three get another ring.

The Celtics and Lakers have history dating back to the 60s, when the Lakers couldn’t put a dent in Boston’s dynasty. In the 80s it was Magic vs. Bird, with the Lakers getting upper hand. Now with two Finals matchups in the past three years, it appears the rivalry is rekindled.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I am a Pacers fan, and that’s a pretty brutal thing to be these days.

Not only am I jealous of NBA franchises that horde rings – like the Celtics and Lakers – but these two franchises in particular stir up bad memories.

Some of my earlier NBA memories come from a pair of playoff matchups the Pacers had with the Celtics in the early 90s. Bird just wouldn’t let the Chuck Person-led Pacers get out of the first round. The Pacers even bounced Bird’s head off the hardwood and sent him into the locker room, but the pesky bastard still came back to put the dagger in.

Then there’s the ultimate nightmare that was the 2000 NBA Finals. After years of disappointments, close calls, and what ifs during the Jordan Era … the Pacers finally made it to the Finals.

But guess who was waiting?

Shaquille O’Neal in his prime and a blossoming Kobe Bryant. The Pacers never had a chance as the Lakers won their first of three-straight NBA Finals.

So yeah, I have pent-up hostility for both these franchises. And aside from being a bitter Pacers fan, there’s little to like about these squads if you don’t live in L.A. or Boston.

Bryant and Phil Jackson already have ridiculously giant egos – do they really need another ring? How about Ron Artest, who single-handedly turned the Pacers from a contender to the butt of all jokes. You think I want to see him hoisting the trophy?

And then there’s the Celtics. If I could go through life never having to see Kevin Garnett seal an Adidas endorsement at midcourt following an NBA Finals clinching victory again, I could die a happy man.

Paul Pierce is an actress, Rasheed Wallace is a turd, Nate Robinson is obnoxious, and Celtics fans are unbearable.

Unfortunately it’s not possible for both teams to lose. So I ask, who is the lesser of two evils? It’s 24 hours till tipoff and I haven’t decided.