Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is unquestionably one of the best college basketball coaches ever – but he made a huge mistake with everything on the line Monday.

Krzyzewki's risky late-game decision worked Monday, but it still makes no sense.

Basketball strategists can defend Krzyzewski’s decision to have Brian Zoubek miss that free throw till they’re blue in the face. It still makes no sense.

With no timeouts remaining, Butler trailed Duke 60-59 with 3.6 seconds left and Zoubek on the line. He hit the first free throw and gave Duke a 61-59.

Inexplicably, Krzyzewski instructed Zoubek to miss the second free throw. He did. The rebound landed in the hands of Gordon Hayward, who sprinted to halfcourt and heaved an uncontested shot toward the rim. It nearly went in.

Had it gone in, Butler wins.

Zoubek is a bad free throw shooter anyway, so why not have him try to make it? If he misses it, then Krzyzewski gets his wish anyway. If he makes it, Duke takes a three-point lead and can’t lose in regulation. What more could you ask for?

Without a timeout, Butler couldn’t draw up a play and Duke’s defense would have a chance to get back and better contest a shot.

I’m no basketball guru, but to me it’s quite simple. A made free throw makes your worst-case scenerio going to overtime. By missing it, Krzyzewski handed Hayward and Butler a chance to win the game on a silver platter.

Ultimately the decision worked (barely), but that doesn’t make it the right one.