With two weeks before the Super Bowl, there’s plenty of time for the media to drive storylines into the ground.

Defensive tackle Antonio Johnson has been one of the Colts' unsung heroes this season.

We already know the popular ones for the Colts – anything about Peyton Manning, anything about Archie Manning, the decision not to pursue a perfect season, the young wide receivers, and Jim Caldwell to name a few.

Some of the biggest reasons the Colts are headed back to Miami will be overlooked. Here are a few of them.

1. Charlie Johnson and Kyle DeVan

Charlie Johnson (left tackle) and Arena League transplant Kyle DeVan (right guard) may combine to make about one-fifteenth of Peyton Manning’s salary, but they were a big reason he won his fourth consecutive MVP award.

Highly drafted Tony Ugoh and Mike Pollak were failures this season and the Colts didn’t miss a beat with Johnson and DeVan filling in. DeVan started the final nine games, while Johnson beat out Ugoh in training camp.

The result? Manning was sacked a career-low 10 times this season.

2. Antonio Johnson and Daniel Muir

The Colts routinely struggle to find defensive tackles that can stop the run. Not this year. A word is rarely uttered about Antonio Johnson and Daniel Muir, but they’ve been paramount to the defense’s success.

Johnson, an undrafted free agent, and Muir, a reject from the Packers, combined for 65 solo tackles and didn’t miss a start this season.

Both 300 pounders were on the Colts’ roster in 2008, but saw minimal action.

The Colts allowed only 10 rushing touchdowns this season. They’ve been even better in the playoffs, allowing just 3.6 yards per carry and zero touchdowns- against two of the NFL’s elite rushing attacks.

3. Larry Coyer

Missing arguably his two best defensive backs for the majority of the season – Bob Sanders and Marlin Jackson – new defensive coordinator Larry Coyer’s job became more difficult than advertised.

But, the defense held its own, ranking eighth in points allowed (19.2) despite giving up a ton of points in the final two games with plenty of starters resting.

Coyer has made the defense less predictable, mixing in blitzes and man-to-man coverages that were rarely, if ever, seen in previous years.

The Colts haven’t faced offensive juggernauts in their first two playoff games, but regardless, their performance has been lights out.

The unit has allowed just 20 points in two games and has kept Manning and company on the field, allowing the Ravens and Jets – offenses predicated on ball control – just 27:18 of possession per contest.

4. Pat McAfee

The rookie is not only a good punter, but he can also boot kickoffs into the endzone – the Colts ranked fifth in the NFL with 22 touchbacks.

McAfee was 11th in the league in punting average.

His play has improved in the postseason. His 10 punts have a net average of 42.8 yards, six of them were fair caught, and three were dropped inside the 20-yard line.

The Colts will need more of the same from McAfee as Reggie Bush will be the man awaiting his punts next Sunday.