The bye week is upon us and the Colts are one of five undefeated NFL teams. There’s no reason to complain with a perfect record right? Leave it to me. Here are my four biggest concerns with the Colts.

The Colts cut Big Ed this week. And no, he wasn't arrested. Caldwell says it's a lack of production. I don't buy it.

The Colts cut Big Ed this week. And no, he wasn't arrested. Caldwell says it's a lack of production. I don't buy it.

1. The run game is still bad

To win championships you must be able to run the ball. The Colts still can’t do that. They rank No. 29 in the league and average an abysmal 3.3 yards per rush.

In a telling moment, the Colts faced a 4th-and-1 from the Titans’ 3-yard line in a 0-0 game. They went for it, but realizing they can’t get a yard on the ground, threw it in for the score.

It was a nice job of the Colts knowing their strengths, but wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for their power running game.

2. The loss of Ed Johnson

If there’s a position where the Colts are lacking, it’s at defensive tackle. So why did the Colts cut starting defensive tackle Ed Johnson Wednesday? Good question.

Ask Jim Caldwell and he’ll tell you it was due to a lack of production.

I don’t buy it.

Johnson has started the last four games and helped shore up the Colts run defense. If he wasn’t producing, wouldn’t the first step be to take away his position as a starter rather than flat out cut him at a position of need?

It seems this was an off the field issue and the Colts don’t want to admit it.

3. Adam Vinatieri’s leg

Vinatieri battled injury issues this offseason and wasn’t himself when he came back. He recently underwent knee surgery that will keep him out 4-8 weeks. Not good.

While the Colts haven’t had to lean on Vinatieri much this season, it’s only a matter of time before field goals decide a game.

Now they will rely on 41-year-old Matt Stover. He was a reliable kicker throughout his career but his production began to drop off in his final years with the Ravens. He made only 81.8 percent of his kicks in 2008 – his worst percentage in a decade.

And more often than not, guys are free agents in the middle of a season for a reason.

4. Caldwell’s end of game strategy

Why are the starters on the field when things are way out of hand?

Up 31-3 on Seattle midway through the fourth quarter, not only was Peyton Manning still on the field, he was firing passes into the endzone. Good way to get a cheap shot from an angry defender.

Up 31-9 on Tennessee with less than six minutes remaining Manning completed back-to-back passes for what seemed to be no other reason than to reach the 300-yard mark. The Titans had already been called for two roughing the passer penalties and it seemed the Colts were doing everything in their power to get a third.