At the midway point of last season, I wrote about the 2008 version of the Indianapolis Colts.

Looking for the Colts Week 2 MVP? Look no further than Mr. Tony Sparano.

If not for Miami coach Tony Sparano's blunders, the Colts would've left with a loss Monday.

It was a version that had to fight to the wire for virtually every win, no matter who the opponent … a version with glaring deficiencies, but the ability to overcome them for victories.

It is still early, but it’s probably safe to say the 2009 version of the Colts hasn’t changed much from last season.

The glaring deficiencies are still there.

Despite drafting two defensive tackles and bringing back Ed Johnson, the Colts’ run defense is still terrible – currently ranked No. 30.

They drafted running back Donald Brown and got the offensive line healthy, but still can’t run for squat – the rushing offense is currently ranked No. 29.

The bottom line is the Colts are 2-0. But in reality, both games were dangerously close to losses.

Miami Dolphins’ coach Tony Sparano gave the Colts their second victory on a silver platter.

First, he settled for a field goal to take a three-point lead with 3:55 remaining in the game. Guess he didn’t get the scouting report on Peyton Manning.

Then, the Dolphins graced the NFL with a seminar on how not to run the two-minute drill. In a span of 1:13 Miami managed to burn a timeout and let the two-minute warning expire, while running just two plays for a total of six yards.

By the time the Dolphins did march down the field, it was too late. All they could do is watch Chad Pennington heave a futile attempt at a Hail Mary – Jeff Garcia thought there wasn’t enough air under that one – that was picked off in the endzone.

In Week 1 the Jaguars had their chance to knock off the Colts, but ultimately an awful decision on a two-point conversion attempt by Maurice Jones-Drew did them in.

Apparently many “experts” are looking right past the Colts’ shortcomings. ESPN’s power rankings have them at No. 3, while CBS Sports puts them at No. 2 – both are a big stretch.

The Colts have plenty of time to solve their ongoing problems running the ball and stopping the run. The one season they did, they accomplished the ultimate goal.

All the other times they didn’t … well, we all know how that story ends.