The sure-fire picks were nearly flawless last week, going 7-1.

Will the sure-fire picks continue to make our loyal readers in Vegas happy? We have readers right?

Will the sure-fire picks continue to make our loyal readers in Vegas happy? We have readers right?

Now it’s time to prove that it’s not a fluke, and take another step toward my dream job as a Vegas oddsmaker.

Oakland at Kansas City (-3), 1 p.m. Sunday

The Chiefs might have to go with Brody Croyle again this week. Enough said. The Raiders blew a late lead against the Chargers, but looked like a decent football team. I’m staying on the Raiders’ bandwagon, I think they pull the ‘upset’ here. Raiders +3.

New England (-3.5) at NY Jets, 1 p.m. Sunday

The Jets are talking plenty of trash heading into Sunday’s showdown with the Patriots. We’ve seen this before. It doesn’t work. Tom Brady will calmly dissect the Jets’ D when it counts and cover the spread. Patriots -3.5.

New Orleans (-1) at Philadelphia , 1 p.m. Sunday

Kevin Kolb will likely start for Donovan McNabb on Sunday. Not good. The Saints will jump out to a quick lead, and Kolb will wilt under the pressure. Saints -1.

Cincinnati at Green Bay (-9), 1 p.m. Sunday

The Bengals are quietly becoming one of the most pathetic franchises in all of sports. Poor Marvin Lewis just can’t get fired. The Bengals get crushed in Lambeau tomorrow. Packers -9. 

St. Louis at Washington (-10), 1 p.m. Sunday

How bad is St. Louis? They didn’t score against the Seahawks last week. The Seahawks. It’s not going to get much better on the road against an angry Redskins team. Redskins -10.

Seattle at San Francisco (-1), 4:05 p.m. Sunday

I have no good reason to believe the Seahawks will win this game. Mainly I’m just being stubborn and sticking to my preseason prediction that the 49ers will suck. I might have missed on that one. Seahawks +1.

Cleveland at Denver (-3), 4:15 p.m. Sunday

Should the Broncos really be favored against anybody? I don’t think so. The Browns are bad, but they should be able to make this horrific contest close. Browns +3.

NY Giants at Dallas (-3), 8:20 p.m. Sunday

It doesn’t get much better than watching Jerry Jones fail year after year. He can’t wait until the uncapped year next season so he can spend as much money as he wants. He’ll still fail. Two punts will hit the scoreboard and the Giants will cover. Giants +3.