In-depth sports reporting is great … to a point. As you know, Brett Favre is back in the news. Each day you’re sure to find Favre among the top headlines at any national sports website.

He's baaaaaaaaaaaack.

He's baaaaaaaaaaaack.

One of the latest headlines I stumbled across pushed me over the edge: “Favre reportedly had cortisone shot.”

What has warranted the hundreds of stories, the thousands of words written about Favre over the past few weeks?

He asked the Jets to file his retirement papers. Then he had a not-so-secret, secret meeting with Vikings’ coach Major Dad … I mean, Brad Childress. He sent x-rays of his jacked up arm to the Vikings. He tossed around the football with some kids at a high school. He considered surgery. Now he’s not going to have surgery. Today comes the breaking news he had a cortisone shot.

Just when all this Favre “news” began heating up, Michael Vick was released from prison. Unfortunately I was watching NFL Live on ESPN today and got more information than anyone would ever want to know on the situation.

A reporter was stationed outside the prison. ESPN got no footage of him leaving and the reporter had virtually no information.

And so is this dirtbag.

And so is this dirtbag.

What ESPN did know was that Vick was being driven home. Citing Mapquest, they reported exactly how many hours and minutes it would take Vick and friends to get home if they drove straight through.

Luckily, ESPN also identified several big cities that Vick could stop in, should he decide not to drive straight through.

Welcome to the NFL offseason. Rather than examining rosters, breaking down divisions, and zeroing in on position battles this is what we get. Favre and Vick … again. Oh, and James Harrison doesn’t want to go to the White House.

Is it September yet?