My football picks stink, we all know that. But back in October I made some NBA predictions that were surprisingly accurate. I was correct on 14 of my predicted 16 playoff teams. And the post’s photo was of Stephon Marbury and KG … foreshadowing???

David Stern will get his wish - Cavs vs. Lakers. He won't even need any help.

David Stern will get his wish - Cavs vs. Lakers. He won't even need any help.

I had Toronto in and Miami out … and I had Phoenix in and Dallas out. Those were my two mistakes.

I won’t kill you with over-analysis, but here are my postseason predictions for the hell of it.


The Cavaliers (1) will sweep the Pistons (8), but without KG the Celtics (2) will have more problems with the Bulls (7). Celtics will win in six or seven.

The Magic (3) will have no trouble with the 76ers (6) and beat them in five, while the Hawks (4) take down band-wade and the Heat in six.

In the second round, the Cavaliers are just too good at home for the young Hawks and will beat them in five or six. The Magic will beat the Celtics in seven.

The Magic will give the Cavaliers a run in the Eastern Conference Finals, but the Cavs will hold home court and take this one in seven.


The Jazz (8) were my sleeper team this year, but there’s just no way they get the Lakers (1). Lakers in five. From there, things get very interesting in a Western Conference where the two and eight seeds are separated by six games.

Denver (2) has been impressive with Chauncey Billups running the show, but I think New Orleans (7) pulls the upset here in seven.

Even without Manu Ginobli, San Antonio (3) will still take down Dallas (6) – sorry coach C. Portland (4) and Houston (5) is a toss up, I’ll give it to the team with one of the best home crowds around – Porland in seven.

As much as I’d love to see Porland upset the Lakers, it’s not going to happen. Lakers in six. The Hornets will pull off another upset and defeat the Spurs in seven.

With Andrew Bynum back, the Lakers will have too much down low for the Hornets and defeat them in seven.


David Stern will be smiling ear to ear when the Cavaliers and Lakers battle for the NBA Title. LeBron vs. Kobe. A commish’s dream. And who knows, maybe the zebras will give a little help along the way to make it happen.

Against my better judgement, I’m going with the Cavaliers. With Ben Wallace back and Z and Sideshow Bob (Anderson Varejao) in the post, the Cavs can neutralize the Lakers’ advantage in the post. But the big key is that nobody on the Lakers can stop Mo Williams. Will Lebron and Kobe a wash … Mo will be the diference. Cavs in seven.