NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants a longer NFL season. He wants this for one reason. More money.

Like injuries? Then you are going to love an expanded NFL season.

Like injuries? Then you are going to love an expanded NFL season.

I get it. Times are hard. Businesses are struggling. But don’t mess with a good thing. The NFL is by far the nation’s most popular sports league.

And don’t be fooled when Goodell mentions expanding to 17 or 18 games. It will be 18. You can’t have 17 games. If you do, who gets the extra home game?

Of course Goodell’s solution to an uneven number of games would likely be sending each team to another country to play – another idea he brushed upon. Awful idea. Trying to send teams from the East Coast to the West within a week (sometimes less) has already proven to be a significant disadvantage. Imagine traveling to another country. Ask the teams who’ve already had to travel abroad how that affected the rest of their season.

Some say: NFL teams play 20 games anyway (4 preseason), why not make more of them regular season contsests? This argument is bunk. We all know starters see virtually no time during three of those preseason games.

If you think injury lists pile up now (take a look at the Week 17 injury report) just wait until these guys are forced to play two more games. Ask a lineman in the trenches how he thinks his body would hold up for two additional regular season games. 

What this will do is water down the league. Each game will hold less significance. Coaches will be more likely to hold out stars nursing injuries longer. Elite teams locked into playoff postions will spend the final month of the season playing with the practice squad.

The NFL has it right when it comes to season length. Fans care from wire to wire. Why join the NBA, NHL, and MLB in having seasons that are too long?

From 1935 to 1977 the NFL flucuated in how many games it played – as few as 10, as many in 14.

In 1978, the NFL went to a 16-game season. It’s remained that way for more than three decades. There’s a reason it has. It works. Leave it alone.