Apparently players began reporting to MLB spring training this week. In no particular order here are some reasons MLB is terrible.

At least these muscleheads kept things interesting in baseball.

At least these muscleheads kept things interesting in baseball.

162 games
Think about that for a minute … 162 games. It is impossible for anyone to get up for 162 games. And it’s highly likely that one of the two teams you’re watching on any given day doesn’t care that particular evening.

Instant replay
MLB is now using instant replay. Great idea. That’s exactly what baseball needs, another way to slow the game down.

Playoff format
In the first round of the playoffs, teams play a best-of-five series. Yes, after playing nearly 200 regular-season games your year is decided in a best-of-five series. In a sport that hinges on pitching rotations and bullpen depth it is inexcusable to have this format.

Bud Selig
Is MLB commissioner like the Queen of England or can this guy be impeached?

This rule changes for the 2009 season, but it’s still a good reason to hate MLB since it took so long to implement a rule that makes sense. Last year the White Sox and Twins ended the regular season tied for the lead in the AL Central, resulting in a one-game playoff. How was homefield determined for that game? A coin flip naturally. Forget that the Twins won the regular-season series between the two teams … a coin flip said the White Sox should have homefield advantage. And guess who won?

The problem isn’t the steroids; the problem is the obsession over them. Congressional hearing after congressional hearing, the Clemens soap opera, now A-Rod. Why is this a story every time someone else is caught or admits to using? I don’t condone using steroids, but hey, at least the steroid era was fun to watch … chemically enhanced freaks crushing records and mashing home runs was a reason to tune in.

No salary cap
More than half the teams are eliminated before the season even begins due to the lack of a salary cap. On the bright side, it’s fun to see the Yankees flame out year after year despite spending billions of dollars.