There’s an elite club on the rise in the NBA living the American Dream – making a fortune for doing absolutely nothing.

It's no surprise that Isaiah Thomas coached all three members of the WFPPGC.

It's no surprise that Isiah Thomas coached all three members of the WFPPGC.

It’s the washed-up, fat-paid point guard club (WFPPGC). If you’re lucky enough to be a member, you’re getting huge paychecks to stay as far away from an NBA organization as possible.

The founder and president of the WFPPGC is none other than Isiah Thomas, who has made millions being a bumbling idiot since his playing days. In the late 90s, he bought the CBA and drove it into the ground. It disbanded after two years with Thomas at the helm.

In 2003, the New York Knicks hired him as President of Basketball Operations and the rest of history. After years of making some of the worst decisions in the history of the NBA, he took the reins as head coach and it got even worse. Last year he was relieved of all duties, but is still collecting big paychecks from the organization as an “adviser” with “no title or authority.”

Now it’s on to the WFPPGC members.

First is Stephon Marbury, the second highest paid player in the NBA. But Marbury hasn’t played one minute this season, reportedly refused to enter a game at one point, and has been asked to distance himself from the team. Not bad for a guy making $21,937,500 this season, an amount that would take an average American more than 600 years to earn.

Steve Francis is also an honorary member of the WFPPGC. He’s the 10th highest paid player in the NBA this season and is owed $19,814,480 from the Portland Trailblazers this year (from a buyout) … even though he doesn’t play for them anymore. He signed with the Memphis Grizzlies this season for $2,634,480 but never saw the court and was released. So Francis will actually exceed the amount of money Marbury will make this season between the two teams that owe him money … also without playing a single game.

Finally, there’s Jamaal Tinsley. The Indiana Pacers guard hasn’t attended a practice or played a minute with the Pacers and is far, far away from the team. But the Pacers can’t trade him and refuse to buy out his contract. Meanwhile, Tinsley is living large in Atlanta on the Pacers’ dime … or the Pacers’ $6,750,000 to be exact. Making Tinsley’s situation even sweeter is that he’s owed $14,700,000 over the next two years … putting him right in the $21-22 million wheelhouse of Marbury and Francis.

Who will be next to join the WFPPGC … or am I already missing someone?