I enjoy a good story as much as the next guy, and Kurt Warner fits the bill. From bagging groceries to NFL MVP, his is the story dreams are made of.

Against all odds, Warner has risen to the top again. This has to be his final act. Right?

Against all odds, Warner has risen to the top again. This has to be his final act. Right?

Even now, his story builds. After Marc Bulger took his job in St. Louis he was released from the team. He signed on with the Giants in 2004 but struggled and was benched in favor of rookie Eli Manning.  

Heading into the 2005 season at age 34 and his arm strength diminishing, it seemed the end was near for Warner.

The Cardinals signed him to a one-year deal, but he was quickly replaced by Josh McCown. He got his job back, but missed the tail-end of the season due to injury.

Warner had another shot as the Cardinals’ starter in 2006, but was benched in favor of rookie Matt Leinart early in the season. Surely Warner, now 35, had seen his last days behind center in the NFL.

Warner got yet another chance in 2007 after Leinart struggled and eventually suffered a season-ending injury. But the Cardinals again missed the playoffs and it seemed in 2008 the Cardinals would go with the younger Leinart over the 37 year old Warner.

But Leinart appeared more interested in beer bongs than earning the starting job and the rest is history. Warner won the job and led the Cardinals to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. And here they are in their first Super Bowl.

This has to be his swan song, one last hoorah. Then again, we’ve said that before. A free agent following this season, Warner will get an opportunity somewhere if he wants it. For a team without a quarterback, it’d be insane not to give him one.

I’ll go ahead and say it – this is Warner’s last gasp. And I’ll probably be wrong.

Then again, everyone’s saying Warner and the Cardinals have no shot against the Steelers blitz-happy defense and I’m pretty sure they’re wrong.

The sure-fire picks have long been put to rest, but I’ll go ahead and call my shot here. The Cardinals and Warner are going to close the deal. Arizona 24, Pittsburgh 21.