The college football season has been over for more than a week and there’s still chatter about Utah, Texas, and USC getting screwed out of a shot at the BCS title. True enough, all three schools have a gripe. But the fact is, from long before the season-opener to weeks after the season is over, college football dominates the collegiate sports landscape, and it’s not even close.

Alright, who's the wise guy? How'd Jim Tressel get in the same room with the BCS trophy?

Alright, who's the wise guy? How'd Jim Tressel get in the same room with the BCS trophy?

Those begging for a playoff system point to March Madness’ popularity – and it’s true, college basketball has the most popular playoff in any sport at any level. Then again, many college basketball teams have already entered the second half of their schedule – and few know it.

If you aren’t a  fanatic, can you name half the teams currently in college basketball’s Top 10? No way.

Do you know some of the marquee matchups coming up this weekend? You mean … didn’t know No. 3 Wake Forest is squaring off with No. 9 Clemson Saturday?

Most call for an eight-team playoff in college football, which isn’t going to happen. At best we can hope a four-team playoff or plus-one system will be put in place someday.

In defense of the current system, every week is captivating. Fans know their teams have no margin for error. And it’s true, every week is a playoff game. Every big matchup means everything. Go to an eight-team playoff and you lose that.

We won’t get eight, but say we do get a four-team playoff in college football eventually. Would that have really shut everyone up? Who are the four teams that would’ve qualified this season? The BCS standings and AP Poll would’ve said Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and Alabama.

I’m sure USC and undefeated Utah and Boise State would’ve had no problem with that. Wouldn’t we have to hear the Texas Tech “we beat Texas” gripe we heard out of Texas regarding Oklahoma.

There will never be a perfect playoff system in college football. Not going to happen. You can say college basketball has it right … but most could care less about the sport until February (it starts in early November by the way).

With a 64-team field, Tyler Hansboro could hibernate for a month and North Carolina would still coast to a high seeding. An eight-seed is the highest to ever win a college basketball title, so couldn’t it feasibly be cut to a 32-team field and be just as representative?

The moral of the story is – no system is perfect. And like it or not, the current college football system keeps fans hooked from Day 1 … which is much more than can be said for college basketball.