Oklahoma squandered many opportunities to take control of Thursday’s BCS Championship game, but the Sooners’ miscues paled in comparison to the botched BCS broadcast put on by Fox.

Sorry Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis ... it's probably best to stick with the Big Ten Network.

Sorry Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis ... it's probably best to stick with the Big Ten Network.

The first mistake was giving the game to Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis. Sorry guys, but you need to figure out what down it is. On a third-and-goal in the first half, Davis was shocked that Bob Stoops was going for it. And after the play Brennaman applauded the Gators for forcing a turnover on downs. Oops.

They actually had the series wrong from the second down play, which they thought was third. On many occasions it was apparent Brennaman and Davis had no idea what was going on.

Brennaman and Davis were painfully average all night, but that’s Fox’s fault for putting them in that spot.

Then there was the actual production of the thing. Why can’t Fox show us how many timeouts each team has or display the playclock? Is it 1989?

They had no problem showing us a split screen over and over and over of Stoops, the offensive coordinator sitting in a chair upstairs, and some guy doing ‘milk the cow’ signals on the sideline. For some reason that was riveting to Fox, while viewers screamed at the television for them to cut back to the actual play on the field. What was with the obsession over the Sooners’ coordinators anyway?

Oh, and then there was the timer on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, telling us how long Oklahoma was taking between plays – most times it ended up taking the Sooners more than 20 seconds anyway, which wasn’t unique at all.

College football can’t get a playoff system right, but they’ve got to get a better broadcast in place than that. What a joke.

Has the team of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit ever looked so good?