All-Star games are terrible. In baseball, we once had a tie. Now the game inexplicably determines homefield in the World Series. Cal Ripken Jr. and Ozzie Smith were named to All-Star rosters when they were 40 and batting .200.

Was there a crying component to the Pro Bowl voting I missed? Why is Brett Favre on the roster?

Was there a crying component to the Pro Bowl voting I missed? Why is Brett Favre on the roster?

In basketball, voting might already be closed. Ballots are handed out at games during the second week of the season. Starting lineups are voted on by the fans. One year, Yao Ming was out for the season, but was voted starting center in the Western Conference because a billion votes were cast in China. Neat.

Then there’s the NFL, which has the Pro-Bowl each year. A dreadful display of the sport held in Hawaii after the season is over. Every year, columnists vent about the snubs … and they should. One third of the vote comes from the fans, so instantly the whole process becomes invalidated.

How are fans supposed to know which left guard or defensive tackle to vote for? How are they supposed to know which players have been outstanding on 9-5 teams such as the Dolphins or Falcons, who haven’t had a prime-time televised game all season? Yet, we’ve been treated to seeing the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football three times. Can someone explain that to me?

Case in point: How on Earth was Chad Pennington left off the Pro-Bowl roster? The guy is quarterbacking a team in the midst of one of the best and most improbable turnarounds in NFL history.

He’s fourth in the NFL in passer rating, ninth in passing yards, and has thrown just six picks. Instead, Brett Favre was named to the team with his league-leading 17 interceptions and 15th best passer rating. Makes sense.

I like pass rushing as much as the next guy, but two of the three AFC defensive ends coming from the Colts? C’mon.

Ronnie Brown over Steve Slaton? Am I missing something. Slaton averages 4.9 yards a carry and has nearly 500 more all-purpose yards than Brown.

I haven’t even gotten to the NFC yet. You get the point. All-Star teams are lame. Pro-Bowl teams are lame. As long as fans are involved, it will always be a popularity contest.

But hey, I guess it’s something fun to argue about while you’re waiting for Sunday to come.