Despite the whining from Texas and USC, when the smoke clears, the BCS will likely get it right this season.

Looks like the BCS might be on point this year. Hey, at least Ohio State won't be playing in the title game.

Look on the bright side ... at least Ohio State won't be playing in the championship game this year.

While Texas (11-1) did defeat Oklahoma (11-1), when all is said and done, the Sooners’ body of work will be better.

Should they defeat Missouri in the Big 12 Title game, the Sooners will have defeated five teams currently ranked in the Top 20 of the BCS standings. Texas has beaten just three.

If Alabama (12-0) tops Florida (11-1) to remain undefeated and win the SEC, its presence in the BCS title game won’t be argued.

But should Florida beat Alabama, they will have beaten three Top 25 BCS schools (including No. 1 ranked Alabama) and its loss came to Mississippi – who is ranked in both the coaches and AP polls.

The weakest case comes from USC (11-1), a team that’s beaten just two BCS-ranked teams (No. 10 Ohio State and No. 19 Oregon) and is hampered by playing in a conference without a title game.

If Oklahoma happens to get upset in the Big 12 Title game, it should be Texas (who has beaten three Top 15 BCS teams) playing in the title game … not USC.

Most of us hate the BCS, but should double-digit favorites Oklahoma and Florida win on Saturday, it will be hard to say the system failed … this time.