There is no diminishing what the Colts accomplished on Sunday.

Colts fans should give thanks that Norv Turner is actually employed as an NFL head coach.

Colts fans should give thanks that Norv Turner is actually employed as an NFL head coach.

Peyton Manning was phenomenal. Tony Dungy and his staff coached well. Adam Vinatieri was clutch.

Left for dead at 3-4, the Colts have reeled off four straight wins. Each victory took a gritty, 60-minute effort.

But let’s not kid ourselves. The MVP of Sunday’s 23-20 victory over the Chargers wasn’t Manning, Dungy, or Vinatieri.

It was Norv Turner.

Turner single-handedly cost the Chargers the game with his use of timeouts at the end of the second and fourth quarters.

Late in the second quarter, the Colts trailed 10-3 and were driving.

Facing a second-and-two from the Chargers 13-yard line, the Colts were stuffed on a Dominic Rhodes run, bringing up a third-and-two.

With less than 1:30 remaining, Turner – with two timeouts in his pocket – watched the clock run all the way down to 43 seconds before the Colts called a timeout.

The Colts went on to score and tie things up at 10, but instead of the Chargers having nearly 1:30 to work with … there was only 43 seconds remaining in the first half.

An interesting decision, considering the Chargers had moved the ball with ease on their previous two possessions.

Sure enough, the Chargers still ended up getting into Colts’ territory before the end of the half, in spite of the poor clock management.

And guess what?

Turner still had two timeouts in his pocket when Philip Rivers heaved a desperation Hail Mary on second down as time expired.

Surely, the Chargers would’ve taken a lead into halftime with those 30-plus extra seconds.

Turner’s well-documented blunder in the game’s final moments was even worse.

Trailing 20-17, the Chargers faced a fourth-and-two with just under two minutes remaining in the game at the Colts’ 29 … setting up a 47-yard field goal attempt.

The Colts had just one timeout remaining, so the Chargers could’ve run the clock down to about the one-minute mark – minimizing the time Manning would have to orchestrate a game-winning drive.

Instead, Turner used a timeout of his own, stopping the clock with 1:35 remaining.

After the Chargers made the game-tying field goal, Manning capitalized on every second Turner saved for him and drove the Colts into field goal range.

Vinatieri hit a game-winning 51-yard field goal as time expired.

In this time of giving thanks, Colts’ fans should not overlook Turner, who apparently didn’t get the memo that this Manning fellah is pretty good at the two-minute drill.