There's nowhere to run for Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes this season, and that has hampered the Colts' offense.

There's nowhere to run for Colts' running backs this season, and that's been a big problem.

The NFL season is past its halfway point and one thing’s for certain – what you see is what you get with this year’s Indianapolis Colts.

A Vikings’ meltdown, a Sage helicopter, a Jabar Gaffney drop, and a magical goal-line stand have led the Colts to victory.

It’s apparent that nothing is going to come easy this season – including a playoff berth.

Gone are the days of mopping the floor with the opposition (last year the Colts beat opponents by an average of 15 points).

The Colts were never able to land an impact defensive tackle to fill the void left by Ed Johnson and Quinn Pitcock. Blossoming cornerback Marlin Jackson is gone for the season. Ryan Lilja probably isn’t coming back to bolster the offensive line.

For the first time since 2002, the Colts won’t feature a 1,000-yard running back. At this pace, they’ll narrowly crack 1,000 rushing yards as a team.

Marvin Harrison’s struggles combined with a futile running game has slowed a normally unstoppable passing game.

But for all of their deficiencies, the Colts sit at 5-4 with the brutal stretch of their schedule in the rear-view. They are right in the mix for a wild-card spot.

Playing an unfamiliar ‘back against the wall’ role for much of the season, the Colts have shown why they’ve been a staple of consistency over the past decade in an inconsistent league.

They’ve found a way.

The past two games – both virtual must-wins – Peyton Manning has returned to form. Against two of the league’s top defenses, Manning threw for nearly 500 yards and five touchdowns to help right the ship for the struggling Colts.

Late in the fourth quarter against Pittsburgh, tragically-undersized, undrafted free-agent rookie Eric Foster did his best impression of William Perry and almost single-handedly kept the Steelers out of the endzone.

It will undoubtedly take more standout efforts from Manning, more heroic performances like Fosters’, and a bit of luck for the Colts to avoid their first season without at least 10 wins and a playoff berth during the Tony Dungy Era.

One thing’s for certain. Barring injury, there won’t be any Jim Sorgi sightings down the home-stretch this season. Everyone can appreciate that.