All my friends laughed, but here we are in November and the Ball State Cardinals are ranked No. 14 in the BCS. While it’s unlikely, a BCS bid isn’t out of the question.

Ball State in the BCS? Charlie believes.

Ball State in the BCS? Charlie believes.

What needs to happen is simple – First, No. 7 Utah and No. 9 Boise State must lose (only one Non-BCS conference winner is guaranteed a bid and it would be the highest ranked among them). Second, Ball State must win out. Third, the Cardinals need to either break into the Top 12 or finish higher than a BCS-conference winner.

Part I: Boise State and Utah must lose

Boise State is at Nevada and home against Fresno State in its last two games. Nevada may only be 5-4, but they nearly beat Boise on the road last year, falling 69-67. Fresno has been ranked as high as No. 21, and should give Boise some trouble.

Utah’s big threat is against No. 17 BYU in their final game of the season. A loss is certainly possible.

Part II: Ball State must win out

Not as easy as it seems. In their final two games, the Cardinals are at Central Michigan (7-2) and home against Western Michigan (8-2). Both teams received votes in this week’s AP Poll.

Should they win those two games, Ball State will conclude with a MAC Title game against a fairly weak opponent. The way I see it, a 13-0 Ball State squad will jump a one-loss Utah, Boise State, or TCU team … meaning the only remaining hurdle to the BCS bid would be getting into the Top 12.

Part III: Ball State must break into the Top 12 or finish higher than a BCS-conference winner.

If Utah and Boise State lose, Ball State should be at Top 12 team, as long as they don’t get jumped by more teams than those that fall behind them. A lot of things could happen.

A more likely possiblity is (again, assuming Utah and Boise lose) Ball State finishing ranked higher than a BCS-conference champion, which would guarantee a BCS bid as long as they finish in the Top 16. This would probably happen – currently, the top Big East team is No. 20 ranked Pittsburgh and the top ACC team is No. 16 ranked North Carolina.

Don’t worry Ball State haters … I surely just jinxed them.