After traveling to Pittsburgh to face the NFL’s best defense Sunday, the Colts will be getting a big break.

Unfortunately for the Colts, Warren Sapp is going to keep dancing his heart out.

Unfortunately for the Colts, Warren Sapp is going to keep dancing his heart out.

No, Booger McFarland isn’t giving up his golfing and grilling hobbies. And Warren Sapp wasn’t coaxed to return to the league by a pleading Tony Dungy on his doorstep.

It’s simpler than that.

The Colts’ schedule the rest of the way is cake. At least, compared with the first nine games it is.

In their first nine games, seven of the Colts’ foes currently have a .500 record or better. In their final seven contests, only one does … the Titans.

And that matchup with Tennessee is the final game of the season, when the Titans will presumably have everything locked up. Don’t forget the ‘wink, wink’ victory the Titans got over the Colts in the final game of last season to help Jeff Fisher’s team into the playoffs.

In their first nine games, the Colts will have faced five defenses ranked in the Top 15. In their final seven contests, they’ll face just one Top 15 defense. Guess who? The Titans. And unless the Titans have something to play for in Week 17 or Fisher wants to smash a pie in Dungy’s face, Indianapolis will be seeing Tennessee’s B-team for much of that game.

Let’s face it, a win at Pittsburgh Sunday – where the Colts haven’t won since the 60s – against the league’s best defense is going to be tough.

The Colts’ running game doesn’t exist and the Steelers’ defense put a lid on the Redskins’ potent running game on the road – holding it to just 60 yards.

With the run obsolete, the Steelers’ defense will tee off on Peyton Manning, which is a scary thought for the Colts. The Steelers currently have a league-high 32 sacks and Troy Polamalu is still waiting for his first interception … yikes.

If the Colts fall in Pittsburgh, their weak schedule down the stretch may keep them afloat. But, if they somehow scratch out a win at Heinz Field – where the field conditions should be soggy and the temperature in the low 40s – it could be the springboard the Colts need heading down the homestretch.