Following the 2004 college football season I thought for sure the BCS was doomed. bcs_3001

Auburn put together a perfect season in the SEC and was denied a chance at the title thanks to the good ol’ computers. Instead, the national title game was unbeaten USC vs. one-loss Oklahoma. USC brutalized Oklahoma 55-19, while Auburn defeated Virginia Tech in its bowl game to remain undefeated.

Here we are in 2008 with the same problem possibly on the horizon. This time, Penn State appears to be the team that will be left out. Barring an upset, the Nittany Lions will finish the season undefeated, but due to a weak Big 10 Conference, it may mean nothing.

If Alabama and Texas Tech remain unbeaten, Penn State has no chance at the title game. And with their weak schedule, it’s conceivable the Nittany Lions could get jumped by a one-loss SEC or Big 12 team in the end.

While I feel bad for Penn State, I almost hope we get a repeat of 2004. Maybe the talking heads of the NCAA will finally take some action. Fat chance.

Along with Penn State possibly getting jobbed, two other quality teams likely to go unbeaten won’t get a sniff at the championship … as usual. Utah and Boise State will both finish in the Top 10 if they remain perfect, and we all saw what Boise could do on the big stage when they took out Oklahoma a few years ago.

The NCAA owes the public an explanation as to why a playoff system will never happen. I’m guessing one hasn’t come by now because it has to do with one thing – money. Imagine a vote among college football fans. How many would favor a playoff system? 75 percent? 80 percent? More?

I know, I know … a BCS sucks rant, original. I just can’t help it.