Without the Yankees choking out, the MLB playoffs are a drag.

Without the Yankees choking out, the MLB playoffs are a drag.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays (sorry, they’ll always be the Devil Rays to me) are a great story. I’m not a baseball guy, but I’m guessing they’re one of the best stories in the history of the sport. And it’s nice to see the Philadelphia Phillies accomplishing something in the postseason for the first time since the early 90s.

However, I must say that I can’t get into the playoffs without the Yankees in it. Like most that weren’t born there or don’t currently reside in New York, I despise the Yankees and everything they represent. I hate their fans, I hate their ownership, I hate their arrogance and sense of entitlement, and I hate their massive spending sprees.

What I love is watching them flame out in the playoffs, which has become an annual occurrence for nearly a decade. My disdain for the Yankees is much greater than my affiliation for any MLB team. Born in Indiana and growing up in Florida, I have no team.

For years, I casually rooted for the Devil Rays, the lovable losers, but now they are great and I can’t jump on that bandwagon – like nearly everyone in the Bay Area has.

I’ll pull for the ol’ D-Rays, but it just doesn’t compare to the joy of seeing the Yankees blow a 3-0 lead against the Red Sox or flame out in grand fashion the way they did in ’06 and ’07.

With a new, even more obnoxious Steinbrenner running the show I have no doubt the Yankees will shamelessly spend this offseason and buy their way back into the playoff mix. Sadly, that’s what it will take to make this sports fan care about baseball.