On Sunday, Patriots’ QB Tom Brady’s season was abruptly ended when Chiefs’ defensive back Bernard Pollard tore his ACL and MCL. On the play, Pollard was blocked to the ground and toward the pocket by a Patriots’ player and tried to make a play, colliding with Brady’s leg.

The NFL ruled it was a clean hit. Most every NFL analyst says it was a clean hit. Of course, Bill Belichick and some of his players saw it differently.

“Doesn’t really matter what I think,” Belichick said. “We always taught our players to hit the quarterback above the knees and above the shoulders.”

Funny, because the Patriots’ defense is well known for it’s cheap shots, particularly on quarterbacks lately. Last season, Vince Wilfork threw a flying elbow at the knee of J.P. Losman. Bilicheck drew comparisons between Wilfork’s hit and the hit that sidelined Brady, which is laughable.

“You look at that Vince Wilfork play from last year against Buffallo,” Belichick said. “It’s not the same, but there are some similarities.”

No Bill, it’s not the same. Not even close.

And who could be forget Mike Vrabel’s filthy scissor kick aimed at the leg of Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers last season.

As we all know, the Patriots also employ Rodney Harrison, the man whose peers recently voted him the dirtiest player in the NFL.

So while the football world should feel badly for Brady, the real victim here, don’t buy into Belichick’s insinuations for a minute – he doesn’t even believe himself.