I understand it’s been a difficult year for Marvin Harrison. He suffered the first major injury of his NFL career and missed 11 games in 2007. He came back for the Colts’ playoff game against the Chargers and fumbled during a promising drive that would’ve given his team a two-score lead.

Why so mad Marv?

Why so mad Marv?

This offseason he endured knee surgery and was mixed up in an shooting incident which brought up questions about his private life. And why wouldn’t it? Whether he likes it or not, he’s a celebrity. It comes with the territory of being an elite NFL football player.

Harrison talked to the media the other day – a rare happening – but essentially said nothing. When asked about his knee he said, “You can write what you see. That’s the best way I can tell you.” When told fans might want to hear his perspective, he basically repeated himself with obvious hostility. After that, he was asked about the shooting incident. Interview over.

For years, Harrison took care of business on the field and said nothing to the media off it. But when you couple his age – he’ll be 36 Monday – with his recent injury, topped off with a shooting incident …he has to expect the media to inquire.

What comes next will be interesting. For the first time in his career, there are more questions than answers when it comes to Harrison. Will he be the same on the field? Will he evade legal troubles off it? How much is left in the tank? And finally, will he ever talk to the media again – and if so, will he say anything? Probably not.