There you have it. A Taylor-Made Tirade and the ball got rolling. The Brett Favre Soap Opera is over. The Jets get the big baby for a fourth-round pick that will become a better one if the Jets find success.

Seems the Jets trumped the Bucs with a better offer and Favre stays in green.

Brett Favre is back and John Madden and Frank Calliendo are the two happiest men in America.

Brett Favre is back and John Madden and Frank Calliendo are the two happiest men in America.

If Favre’s heart is in it and he hasn’t dropped off the table physically, it would be hard to imagine he won’t make the Jets a better team. Even an old Favre is a significant upgrade over Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington.

The Jets did some work on their offensive line, adding Damien Woody and Alan Faneca. At wide receiver, Favre has Laverneous Coles (an underrated tough-guy) and Jerricho Cotchery (who silently broke 1,100 yards receiving last year). And at tight end, the Jets drafted a blooming talent in Dustin Keller and also have good ol’ Bubba Franks, Favre’s man-tear buddy from Green Bay.

However, Favre’s success with the offense will hinge on the production of the aging Thomas Jones and Leon Washington in the running game. The good news for Favre is the team should dramatically improve from its 4-12 record, making it somewhat of a win/win situation.

But, the Jets defense was mediocre at best last season and didn’t make any glaring upgrades. The Jets will be in some high scoring games and Favre will spend a good deal of time trying to catch up with opponents. If he holds up under center, I’d expect his touchdown and interception numbers to be in the low 20s.

It’s hard to peg Favre’s motivations here. Does he want to stick it to his old team, does he really want to play badly enough to step into the media frenzy that is New York, or is he just padding stats? Maybe all of the above.

Bottom Line: Favre will look more like version 2006 than version 2007, the Jets will win eight or nine games, but hey … at least we’ll have a reason to pay attention to the Jets.