Congratulations Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers, you have created the most confusing, never-ending, off-season NFL drama known to man. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Here’s what I can gather, in a nutshell.

Can someone, anyone, please tell me what's going on in Green Bay?

Can someone, anyone, please tell me what's going on in Green Bay?

Favre retires. Favre mulls return, then says forget it. Packers draft two quarterbacks. Reports surface Favre wants to play. Favre calls them “rumor.” Favre changes his mind again and wants to play. Packers say Aaron Rodgers is the starter. Favre’s mom trashes the Packers.

Alright, now it gets confusing.

Favre asks to be released but is denyed. The NFL investigates whether Favre used a Packers issued cell phone to contact the Vikings. The Packers shop Favre for a trade, but Favre says they’re asking for too much. Favre says he doesn’t want to go to the Jets or Bucs, it appears he wants to go to the Vikings. The Packers don’t want to send him there.

Deep breath.

The NFL reinstates Favre. Favre’s wife wants him to go to training camp. He doesn’t. Reports surface it will now be an open competition between Favre and Rodgers. Favre flies a big shiny plane into Green Bay. Favre talks to the team for hours and doesn’t go to the training camp session. Oh yeah, somewhere back there the Packers offer Favre a gizzilion dollars to stay retired. Now Favre wants to be released, again.

Seriously, this is far better than fiction. What happens now? Do the Packers swallow a gigantic Big Gulp of pride and tell Favre they’re sorry and to please come back? It seems Favre has little or no leverage as far as getting out of town. All I can say is, please end.