Sure, there are a few baseball stories worth following, but who really cares? Talk to me in September. Wait, don’t do that, football will be in full swing.

Taylor-Made Tirade offers up some NFL picks sure to be a disaster.

Taylor-Made Tirade offers up some NFL picks sure to be a disaster.

It’s time for some way-too-early, sure-to-go-wrong, NFL football predictions. Sure, injuries will happen, players will be cut and signed, and Brett Favre could end up anywhere. But let’s do this!

I am asking my loyal following (so what if there isn’t one?) to post up their picks as well. Then, you can call me an idiot at season’s end – many of you already have.

Anyone who read my columns last year know my picks are a joke, so take them with a grain of salt, they’re bound to be wrong. Regardless, here it goes – my eight division winners, four wild card teams, and why.

AFC East – New England Patriots (15-1)

Is that really their schedule? Are you serious? They could run the table again. Not really going out on a limb here.

AFC North – Cleveland Browns (10-6)

The AFC North plays the NFC East this year … tough. I think 10-6 will do it and the Browns will earn the tiebreaker with the Steelers. Maybe I just feel bad for the Dawg Pound. Not sure.

AFC South – Indianapolis Colts (11-5)

Alright, enter your “homer” comments here. Last season, I took the Jaguars to overtake the Coltsies, but they couldn’t. Barring another bursted sac for Peyton or Freeney not being able to move, I think they squeak out the division again.

AFC West – San Diego Chargers (12-4)

This division is a yawner. Kansas City and Oakland are sure to be awful and Denver will be mediocre. Chargers run away with the division. Norv Turner couldn’t mess this up if he tried.

AFC Wild Cards – Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6).

Both of these teams are a coin flip to win their divisions and will be dangerous first-round opponents in the playoffs.

NFC East – Dallas Cowboys (13-3)

Could be the best division in football, but the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC. Sure they haven’t won a playoff game in over a decade, but I didn’t say they would – now did I?

NFC North – Green Bay Packers (9-7)

This is the worst division in football. Do I really have to pick one? I don’t wanna! Reluctantly, I’m going Packers here, with or without Favre. Fine, I admit it. I just want a reason to root for them without Favre – eat it Wrangler boy!

NFC South – New Orleans Saints (10-6)

Oh boy, am I going to hear it from my Tampa Bay Buccaneer loving readers. The Saints went 7-9 with everything going wrong last season. This year, things go right and they hit double digits in the win column. That will be enough.

NFC West – Arizona Cardinals (10-6)

What does Matt Hasselbeck have left in Seattle? Anybody home? I already picked the Browns and Saints, so what the heck? Every year, the Cardinals are supposed to break through and never do. People have gotten tired of picking them. Not me.

NFC Wild Cards – N.Y. Giants (10-6), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)

Gotta give love to the defending champs. Not a wild card team you want to face. The Bucs have a good enough defense to wrestle their way into the playoffs. Don’t look for much after that.

There you have it. Let’s see yours.