Every time I cover a NASCAR event I can’t get over the enthusiasm.

This is the type of devotion that makes NASCAR fans unique.

This is the type of devotion that makes NASCAR fans unique.

Sleeveless T- Shirts accentuate white guys’ red arms – usually brought to life by bulldog or eagle tattos. Smells of dip spit and hot dog burps swirl through the air and obesity is king.

I’ve got to take my hat off to these people though, it’s like they never left the 80s. Have you ever seen NASCAR gear? Florescent orange shirts with big race cars on them, pennants with Tony Stewart’s fat dome in the middle (yes, they still make pennants), I even saw a Nascar ping pong padle – the type with the rubber ball attached to the actual paddle – at one vendor’s tent.

Fans sport signs like “Busch is a wuss” and “Gordon sucks.” How they pick a driver to root for is beyond me. Is it determined by who has the thickest southern drawl?

Do you like retro intro music before races. How about Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone? Sweet. If nothing else, NASCAR fans’ ability to care less about what anyone thinks is second to none. Then again, they are amongst their own – I am the outcast.

Like I said, the NASCAR fans, I applaud. The racing itself – not for me. They say racing on a shorter track is more exciting, but then cars just lap each other 10 minutes into the race and it’s impossible to tell which car is in what place. But at the big-name venues that are huge, you can only see a fraction of the track.

The racers are talented, sure, but they drive around in a circle a hundred times. That’s boring. Racers gain huge leads only to have everyone pulled back together on the second to last lap because the guy in 31st place crashes into the wall. And he just happens to be on the same “team” as the guy in second place. As a matter of fact, the Truck Series race I covered Friday had nine cautions in the final 100 laps of the race, including one with five laps to go. Lame.

Want to make NASCAR interesting? Obstacles – maybe an alligator pit on Turn 4. I’m thinking Mario Kart, banana peels and spikes shells. How about making the drivers change their own tires? Now that’s something I can get behind.