Who would’ve thought Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn’s dirty antics would ever come in handy again?

The Bad Boys are having girls do their dirty work these days.

The Bad Boys are having girls do their dirty work these days.

Well, they did. Their primitive form of basketball rubbed off on the Detroit Shock – the WNBA squad the Bad Boys now coach.

One too many dirty hacks from the Shock on L.A. Sparks’ phenom Candace Parker as the game winded down and it was on. A she-version of the Malace in the Palace. Alright, it was nothing close, but fists were flying – kind of – and Mahorn just couldn’t help but get mixed up.

Was it a push? Probably not. But the end result was Lisa Leslie on the ground, put there – one way or another – by Mahorn. Imagine that. The two men that made a living hitting opponents below the belt and bending the rules in the NBA, now coach the first WNBA team involved in a brawl. Well done fellas.

Bottom line, the WNBA was one of the top stories on ESPN highlights Wednesday morning. Maybe it was for the wrong reasons, but it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to the league – exposure.

Note to the rest of the WNBA: Don’t mess with Candace. She can ball, she can dunk, she’s been featured on People’s Most Beautiful People list, and she can brawl. Back off.