From 1977 to 2003, the Miami Dolphins had one losing season (in 1988 they went 6-10). Over the past four seasons they’ve had three.

Sure Parcells needs a "bro" or "manssier," but he'll still turn the Fish around.

Sure Parcells needs a "bro" or "manssier," but he'll still turn the Fish around.

In 2004 they went 4-12, which was the franchise’s worst season to that point. Last season, they hit rock bottom, going 1-15.

Enter Bill Parcells, “The Tuna.”

What a great job to walk into. A storied franchise at its lowest point. How could you do anything but succeed. And succeed he will.

The recent trade of Jason Taylor to the Washington Redskins was the cherry on top of a solid inaugural offseason for Parcells. Yes, Taylor has been the heart and soul of the team. But, he’s said it’s his final season. The Dolphins are sure to be a train wreck this season, so why hang onto him?

Instead, Parcells found a desperate owner – surprise, surprise, Daniel Snyder – in desperate need of a defensive end and landed future second and sixth round picks.

Parcells had already cleaned out the old. Gone are Keith Traylor (38), Zach Thomas (35), L.J. Shelton (32), Trent Green (38), Marty Booker (31) …. and now Taylor (33).

In fact, the Dolphins’ current roster on shows just six players over the age of 30. Not ideal for a team trying to win a championship, but perfect for one rebuilding.

Following a 2007 draft where management took a wide receiver, quarterback, and running back with three of the team’s top four picks, Parcells got back to basics and drafted four linemen with the team’s first five picks.

Yes, the Dolphins will get their fair share – OK, a lot – of beatings this year. But, don’t worry Fish fans, in a few years, you’ll see the sun again. For now, cling to those Danny Marino memories.